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Hello, I am Dimitris,
An Established Massage Therapist for over 10 years.
I have a team of experts, and we create a quiet and relaxing environment where you feel nurtured and comfortable. For a total sense of well-being, we use soft lighting, soothing music, nature sounds, candles, eucalyptus, and aromatherapy, and Organic products are used for ALL massages.
Cold-pressed virgin coconut or CBD oil is used for the body, along with non-scented avocado cream on the hands and feet.
Quality is vital as your body sinks into my professional-grade, extra-padded massage table with fresh blankets and towels.
The Greeks Massage Therapy is a mobile service in the heart of Greece. The Greeks Massage comes to you, and we focus on creating an environment that is relaxing & therapeutic for all our clients. Our goal is to help you leave the outside world & enter a world of tranquility & wellness. Our expert male massage therapists are fully committed to customizing each treatment to fit your needs.

Welcome to Greeks Massage

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Everybody is different, and every massage should be too

Welcome to Greeks Massage!

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Relax, rejuvenate, and restore with the healing touch of massage therapy. Let go of tension, soothe your mind and body, and experience relaxation and well-being.